Do Not Reply to Hutch’s (Now Vodafone) SMS

While the war for the control over the Hutch’s (Vodafone) stake in its Indian operations is heating up, I had the same feeling while experiencing another classic service from Hutch. It was some timeI got my cell battery recharged and it stopped working lacking any power. While it took me some time to get it recharged I had received the SMS from Hutch informing me that I had 3 (remember this) missed calls between 6:37 PM and 6:48 PM (note the timings). Thinking that i had missed some important calls i promptly sent the SMS to their 303 number which promptly charged me Rs. 3:00.The funny part starts here, I immediately received a message from 303 and when I opened it up found the most hilarious message – there were no missed calls.

The next thing on my agenda, immediately call up the call center guys knowing what they would say. And the interesting thing comes up now – the standard reason – the server was down and after it got back gave you this message.

Though I am not an expert in systems or with computers, with my seven years of experience using computers I can say that if a server is down it will not record anything and even if it does (this should get a nobel prize) how can it send the wrong message to me.

While I informed them that I would be happy to have the charge credited back to my account, I wonder if customers are taken seriously anytime.


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