Towards a Greener Planet

Today is just another day for many people which will pass by as a normal day. Not many even know today is World Environment Day.

We all as responsible citizens can do the minimum do save our planet earth. Just think about these things – How many of us bother to

  • Switch off our computer monitors, electrical appliances, and lights when not in use (even if its for a few seconds)
  • Refuse a plastic cover to carry things
  • Think about our contribution to make this a more clean and healthier place to live
  • Think of the alternatives which can save lot of energy

And yes we have the time to bother about so many other things, but yes a small initiative can do wonders, remember a storm also starts with a raindrop.

We don’t need to run around the city asking people to save the planet, even thinking about these things is enough to walk on the right path.

Come lets make this a better place to live and love.



  1. We need to understand and also educate others about how important its to be careful with nature and making sure that the balance is always maintained.

    And as you have rightly pointed out there are many small things that go a long way in saving lot of energy and thus help the environment


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