Dogs, Attacks And Justice

Happened to witness a scary scene right before my house today night.

A family of four were passing by my house when a boy aged around 12 years stopped by to free himself. My neighbour who had just returned to his home opened the gate and out leapt his dog which went running madly at the family. The boy who had just joined his family couldn’t get away in time and the dog caught hold of his neck as the boy fell down. Poor chap luckily managed to free himself from the dog soon but not before blood started gushing out of his neck. Even after that the dog was running behind him and he was screaming like anything. Scary i would say.

Imagine a ferocious looking dog catching hold of your neck, blood gushing out from your neck and seeing a mad dog eye to eye. We are a reactive society at most times and wait for something to happen for even thinking of taking some action. Well as of now the boy is in the hospital getting treated for the dog bite while the dog is happily resting.

Pray that the boy gets well soon and the dog too. By the way have to go through the book “Dogs of Justice” by Nina Sibal.


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