The Monsoon Sets In

Nothing beats the thrill of having the cool breeze hit you in the monsoon season. The season has just set in here and it was a wonderful day for travelling. Isn’t it a surprise that you can get so many thrilling things in life for free without any strings attached.

Whenever i feel the cool breeze hitting me i actually forget every other worry and have a sense of ecstasy set in. Nature is best, when left untouched and blessed are those who can experience it in the most purest form. It is our responsibility that we care about it and make sure we put in our bit of effort for safeguarding the nature.

And yes we can do our bit to save energy, check out this 50 Steps to Stop Global Warming.


One Comment

  1. Rain, the Vaana is one of the most spectacular things to happen. It is like the god showering his happiness on us for making us happy.


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