I hated owning a cellphone but had to and relented. Thats more than one year now that i am one of the millions of people around the globe using a cellphone. If owning one was a big problem avoiding the question of ‘when am I going to get it upgraded to the latest snazzy one’ has become another one.

I never used any thing more than calling up someone or receive a call and that occasional SMS. I know people who are addicted to SMSing but i always felt hearing a voice was much better option. Coming to the point, when I would get a new cellphone–not in the near future. Why? simple what do I get out of it.

  • I spend another extra few thousand rupees to get a snazzy phone
  • Spend some time on it surprising myself with all the inbuilt features—which I know aren’t much use to me
  • Pass it on to friends and people who as usual would ask me some mandatory questions—how much did it cost, where did I get it, what it allows me to do
  • And most importantly why I couldn’t stop for a few days more to lay my hands on that latest piece from another company

Well I wouldn’t mind some peace of mind with all modes of communication getting disrupted for a few days.


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