India’s Independence Day?

Today, at the stroke of the midnight, I salute my motherland, India on its 60th Independence Day.

A country which has made remarkable progress in many fields, counted among the world’s powerful nations, is the largest democracy, revered for its culture, heritage and glorious history still struggles toB

  • have a corruption-free and accountable government
  • provide its people with efficient public services and basic necessities
  • eradicate the corrupted communal forces
  • reclaim its land

This is the day when a country of one billion people will remember and probably forget that they had got freedom from the British rule 60 years ago. Have we forgotten the importance of this day because we now live in a country where we

  • are not worried about losing our life – have men and women who are willing to die to keep us safe
  • are free to practice whatever religion we like
  • have access to world-class health care facilities and education – millions in other countries die for lack of basic health care services
  • are free to express our opinions

Then why don’t we celebrate an important day as our Independence Day with vigour, passion and energy. For many of us this is not a day when we are expected to burst crackers at midnight welcoming the day nor remember all those millions of people who laid down their lives to give us this freedom. It might be because we are no longer worried. Not worried because

  • we don’t make a big difference to the country
  • there is someone else to clean the dirt
  • we cannot do anything about the corrupted government – whom we have elected
  • there are better places to earn more money even if that means we clean others toilets or do laundry
  • we believe that there is nothing much to do and
  • its not worth doing so for a country like ours

Many of us want to do something to better the country but don’t do so, why? We are worried that it might not be worth doing that, we are worried about the safety and security of ourselves and our family, we are worried about our future and more than anything else we are worried about ourselves.

Still India awakens to a new day providing people with freedom to prosper, grow and live happily.

Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind.



  1. a simple but brilliant writeup about we Indians, and the importance we give to our motherland; Ya, we criticize the system, people and whatnot. We are concerned with our own lives, families etc. Little do we think about the nation and few of us have a burning desire to strive for the nation’s development; Whether it is I, You or we – one has to play his part and then he/she will have the right to criticize the system;


  2. Thank you sadhu. It does take a lot of courage and strength to stand up and say that you want to do your bit for the country. It is very tough but everyone of us have to start somewhere. The sooner the better.


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