What Do I Do When My Country Bleeds?

A series of bomb blasts within a gap of 10 minutes have killed more than 40 innocent people in one of India’s oldest cities, Hyderabad. This comes after less than 100 days after the blast in mecca masjid in the old city area of Hyderabad.

Why should innocent people die, blood be spilled for no fault of theirs. Is it a crime to live in a country that accommodates–and is at peace with– so many diverse religions, people, ethnicities and ideologies? It seems so, as these heartless and shameless terrorists keep killing innocent people in the name of religion, land and hate-filled ideologies.

Why should people die and what does one get by killing? Simple reasons abound:

  • creates fear in the minds of people
  • shakes the very foundations on which a nation lives – peace and security
  • the nation loses its stability and security
  • makes it easy to destabilise the country

With none of the above happening even when India had encountered more powerful forces, these shameful acts of killing innocent people will not allow the killers to get anywhere closer to their goals. They can still refer to the way of how a nation of billion people with all its military might, technology and people willing to die for this great country still doesn’t even think of exacting revenge. Especially on the very same forces, people and countries who have inflicted countless, blood-spills, terrors on it. And still thousands of innocent people die for no fault of theirs.

But, what do I do when my country bleeds? What do I do in a country

  • which allows a person to go free by paying a fine for killing a fellow human, but punishes the very same person with long jail-term for killing a protected animal
  • believes and advocates that people should be patient even when their blood is spilled
  • allows someone to kill a person but still hesitates to punish the killer with a death sentence, gives patient hearing to the pleas from human rights groups for not giving a death sentence
  • which never asks if a killer ever hesitated to kill his victim?
  • allows people to assist terrorism acts, but spends months and years to decide if they even need to be blamed
  • keeps extending its helpful hand to countries even though they try to bring terror upon it
  • where politicians (read: public servants, public servants) appear out of nowhere to condemn the attacks, blame the government for its negligence, demand that the responsible minister resign, demand that the government pay ex-gratia’s (which anyway is the public money) and then leave
  • where media instead of condoling, assisting and helping the affected cashes on the incidents with special bulletins, expert opinions and round the clock coverages of the incidents and only create more fear, pain and insecurity in people

Now what do I do when my country bleeds? Pray that the souls of the innocent people who are killed rest in peace and that the people who killed these understand that killing fellow human beings doesn’t give them anything but pain again.

Vande Mataram



  1. I understand your pain and agony. For someone who is brainwashed for long saying that Islam is the only religion in the world, it is not very difficult to blow bombs and kill innocent people.

    For what shall we do? Vote for the same politicians, who put themselves above all, in the next elections and get blown.

    We have born in a great country but being ruled by MFks


  2. Thank you for understanding that vinay. But my point is irrespective of religion, caste, creed what do they get by killing people. I never understood that. If it is only religion that motivates people to do all this, then I pray to all those gods that they stop this. No more killing.irp


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