One Step For A Greener Planet


15, 000 is a good number to start with. This is the approximate number of people who have joined the latest web initiative, Blog Action Day.

I am sure 15,000 brains working on a single theme can produce a varied, wonderful and comprehensive list of stuff, ideas, plans, tips and tricks to save this can planet from further pollution and misuse of its natural resources. It is the need of the day which we all should be concerned about–making this a better world to live and die.

A single person’s initiative, action and idea may not bring about a big difference but it still will make a difference. Let me see how much I can contribute towards making the world we live in a better place. Yes, change often starts from within.

  1. I diligently remember to turn off those lights in the office before I leave for home, some where a poor family might be able to afford to have their small room filled with light and that might make their day.
  2. Try to make use of the wonderful warm natural light in the morning instead of turning on those luminous soft lights.
  3. Making sure that I need that paper printout and if yes, fit in more content on that single sheet of paper, I might help a tree from being felled and also some homes. Using both sides of a paper for print can further help.
  4. Avoid that very convenient disposable plastic glasses, spoons even if it is a few milligrams of that hardly degradable material.
  5. Walk, run or cycle instead of using my bike for short distance travelling.
  6. Eat more organic food and less of the processed and packaged food.
  7. Minimise the usage and wastage of water.

This is a good number for me to start with. Hopefully, the next few days can give me more ideas.



  1. I too share and implement similar thoughts. Hope more and more people grow conscious of saving energy.

    But people who are given power for free like – politicians, gov officials, etc., consume without any concern.


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