South Africa Vs INDIA Vs Australia

It will be a terrific Sunday with India featuring in two exciting finals. While India seniors will be up against Australia hoping to win the eluding tri series cup in Australia by taking a lead in the best of three finals, the juniors will fight it out with South Africa in the U19 cricket world cup finals in Malaysia.

A terrific performance by the youngsters in the U19 world cup augurs well for India as it will help spot young blood to fill the soon to be vacant slots in the senior team. A strong U19 team will be even more useful as India is one of the few cricketing nations to have a very young senior team. The senior team after a long time has been performing quite well outside India. Hope to see both the junior and senior teams win their matches tomorrow.

Some interesting observations on all that happened on the cricketing fields in the month of January.


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