Punjabi Da Food

Image Courtesy: Rohit Markande

A decade is a long time. I still remember the day I first had punjabi food. Way back in 1998 I along with my two friends had some lip smacking punjabi food for lunch. It consisted of two Butter Rotis and Punjabi Channa Masala. After that I had visited many eateries in Hyderabad but never got to taste some authentic punjabi food. The closest one being a few months ago when I and another dear friend of mine decided to have Makai Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag. Though we could get this famous dish there was something which was missing, the punjabi flavour and style.

And now almost after a decade I finally could please my stomach with some lip smacking punjabi food at a joint close to my new office premises. The food was good considering the limited opportunities I had to check out Punjabi food in all the restaurants I have been to in around Hyderabad. Today’s lunch menu consisted of the following:

  • Paneer Channa Masala
  • Egg Burji
  • Butter Chicken (Boneless)
  • Dal Fry
  • Gobi
  • Onion Parathas
  • Egg Paratha
  • Phulkas
  • Mango Pickle
  • Chilli and Methi Chutney
  • Lassi

I really enjoyed the food and that it came after a long time I just dug into the food and had my stomach’s fill. The place was not great in terms of ambience but the pricing (very cheap), the portion size and the service were quite good considering the location of the place and people that come to the joint. Now that the place is nearby I will explore some other punjabi dishes soon.



  1. Nenu thintini raastini mari neevu emi sesthuntivi raa edhava commentlu seyadamu thapa Kamaakinkaruda.

    Nevalle emi labamu raa eee desaaniki?


  2. Relax guys. I know you two don’t serve much purpose in the world. Santhosh, you could have as well thanked me for taking you to the place. But never mind, I can live with it.


  3. Thank you Akhi we are just following your footsteps in not being of any use to the world.

    Special thanks to Akhi for having suggested and taking me to the place for the food. I recall we both went to another punjabi restaurant in Hyderabad, Angeethi.


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