Missing Post

I found it quite strange not being able to see some posts on my blog. I found out later that WordPress does not show post dated posts until the timestamp of the post matches the internal time set in the respective wordpress account of the user.

To illustrate the point, let us say the current date and time is March 23, 11:30 PM. I can publish a post with a time stamp of March 24, 01:30 AM. But this will not be visible until the internal time matches the timestamp of the post.

For making sure that the post is visible do the following:

  • Set the time in wordpress to your local time.
  • To do this head to Options and update
    the field Times in the blog should differ by: with the timezone offset.
  • For example it will be 5.5 for India (Standard Time in India = GMT + 5.5 hours).


  1. I have ( or had) the same problem. My post was drafted earlier in the year, saved, then when I went back to add to it and post it, I couldn’t get the Scheduled timestamp to disappear (I hadn’t considered changing the timestamp as you indicate however). I figured I’d come back to it another day to get it straightened out, but when I returned, the post was missing altogether, and also my Manage Tabs are now indicating the wrong number of posts. (ie: ‘All Posts’ indicates one other drafted post, but no others whatsoever). Any ideas at all?


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