Website Designs – Easy on eyes

Who doesn’t like a new refreshing design? Especially if it is something to do with information heavy sites. Here are a few of them which I like for the way they present the information. Some of the websites have gone in for the design makeover recently and some long ago. Feel free to point out more such redesigned websites. I am all eyes for it.

List to be updated.



  1. Yea sntya mere anna,

    Leave it to Meeee … desh ke barenme liko…

    Inquilab Zindabad (Long Live Revolution ) -Bhagat Singh


  2. @Lazybug: I was mentioning about websites which present information in an easy to read format. I do not consider forums especially the ones 🙂 you have mentioned in that category.

    @Madhu: Yes, I will be happy if you can share some more websites with me. I will take up “desh” stories for you.


  3. Hi,
    Nice list you have got there and I have a few ones you might want to add..

    The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, The Street.

    LinkedIn is a professional networking site and I do not know whether you would want to include it. But it underwent a huge revamp recently and is completely different from what it was a month and a half ago.


  4. Hi Rocksta,

    Thank you for pointing out the other sites. I feel The Street has got the best layout in terms of presenting the information. While LinkedIn does have a superb format it is restricted only to registered members. Wall Street Journal does have good content but has to improve the design.


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