One day without technology!

How does it feel like to spend a day without using any technology or gadget. Sounds exciting. It goes without saying that technology and gadgets have found their way in our lives. Many, I believe, would actually dread even thinking about not being able to use technology for a day. Think of all those whose day starts with an SMS, a phone call, television, music etc.

What would happen if there is one day where no one actually uses any technology or gadget? How many of us have even thought of spending a day without them? At least in my case I haven’t thought about it yet. But I will try spending one day without them. To start I can try avoiding the following:

  • My computer (possible)
  • Internet (possible)
  • Radio (possible)
  • Television (possible)
  • Fan (possible)
  • Lights (tough, but can be tried)

What do you think?



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