Sleepless Summer Nights

The summer in Hyderabad is becoming unbearable each passing day. While the days in summer were getting unbearable every year, the nights did give some respite. Even that has become a rarity now.

Thanks to the ever growing population, pollution and the rapidly decreasing greenery in Hyderabad. Add to that the hundreds or maybe thousands of trees felled to accomodate the growing needs of an A1 Class city. Hyderabad is only getting hotter day by day.

Moving into our own house which unfortunately is now surrounded by a concrete jungle, I am getting used to sleepless summer nights. There is hardly any breeze and even if we have one that is a gush of hot air making you feel sick and tired.



  1. Good title. You seemed to have borrowed it without permission from me. And no, adding an ‘s’ does not make it your intellectual property.


  2. Summer…
    This is the month of holidays for children and people who work in schools. I miss my school days now, and those holi-days_joly-days 😦


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