Much Needed Break

I do not like staying at home being sick but I actually did that. For three full days. Though not sick, a quick visit to the doctor confirmed that it was more to do with me not taking care of my body. With the kind of work I have at office and at home, there was hardly any time which I could devote to myself in the last few weeks. While the trip to Vijayawada did bring in some respite, the jam packed schedule and the travelling took its toll on my body.

It all started on Tuesday morning when waking up I found that I was feeling very tired. With the magazine sent for printing I decided to take an off. It was a welcome break and I spent the whole day just lazing around and sleeping. Waking up on Wednesday morning I still felt tired, more tired than the previous day. Again acting on my impulse decided that it was worth taking rest and also pay a visit to the doctor.

Spent around one hour at the doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn and in between reading the book Accidents Like love and marriage. The doctor examined and concluded that lack of rest was the culprit. Advised me to take another day off and rest. It was the hectic work and lack of rest that did not allow me turn up to work for three days. Having rested for three days I am feeling much better and will ensure that I do not tire myself.

Wonder why knowingly we do not give our bodies and mind the rest they deserve. And when they respond it is curtains down for everything else.



  1. You are right Santhosh. Your body will tell you when it needs rest but you will neglect your health. Hope you have charged up yourself now.

    But this is just a small suggestion to U. Make sure that you maintain proper balance between your personal and professional life. Only then you can overcome this kind of situations.

    Good Luck for your future. Take care my friend.


  2. U arent looking very well even today. tone down the speed, for a couple of days if u can. Take care.


  3. Better late than never. I’m happy that u realised that u need rest seriously. I understand that u’ve just started to make urself free from unwanted burden on the job. But I would want you to be punctual abt leaving the office at 7. That will help u spend some time at home with ur mom before going to bed on time. It might not be the solution but I believe it should help u.


  4. Welcome back. Easy to say that I am fine, but it is not the case anyway. I would ask you to take one month or at least 15 days break and then come back to work or work from home at will during those 15 days. Finish off your pending personal work or just relax and then come back to office.

    Easier said than done.


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