Haleem At Paradise

Haleem at Paradise in Hyderabad

Haleem at Paradise in Hyderabad (Photo Courtesy: Jim Reeves)

After tasting Haleem at Pista House last week I got to taste Haleem at Paradise today evening with my friends.  Paradise is the famous restaurant in Secunderabad known for the Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani it serves.

The Haleem at Paradise was served fresh and hot with crispy fried onions and lemon juice. Must say it tasted better than what they served last year. The extra ghee did scare me but disappeared into the Haleem quite quickly. The serving was good and worth the price (Rs. 60).

The preparation was better this time and the serving had very few bones. The bones tasted great. While lot of people throw the bones away they can actually be eaten and they taste great. Cooked for more than 12 hours the bones become soft and one can chew the bones effortlessly.

The fresh serving of Haleem at Paradise tasted better than Pista House’s Haleem (We took the parcel). Need to check if a fresh serving at Pista House would be any better.

Recommendation: Do try the Haleem fresh and hot with some extra garnishing



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