Haleem At Garden

Had haleem at Garden today. A famous restaurant located near Clock Tower, a landmark in Secunderabad, Garden is one place where you can expect to find good food even after 12:00 PM in the night. The restuarant serves good biryani and Irani Chai (Tea).  We did get biryani and even curd rice which was prepared using basmati rice once.

We had the option of regular haleem and a special haleem, and we went for the special. Priced at Rs. 65 the haleem came with a boiled egg, extra roasted cashewnuts and some hot shorba served in a ceramic bowl. The haleem was hot, served directly from the haandi, and was a bit spicy. I did have haleem at Garden last year which was more spicier and had a good sprinkling of black pepper making it quite hot. This time there was no black pepper in it, maybe because it was a special one.

For me Sarvi still tops in terms of taste, followed by Paradise.

Recommendation: Try the regular haleem at Garden.



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