Haleem At Shadab

This year all my visits to the restaurants in Hyderabad for haleem have been unexpected and planned at the last moment. It was Shadab this time. I was supposed to be at home by 9:00 p.m today. However, a last minute change in the schedule led me to Nampally and another last minute decision to Hotel Shadab. Situated near the High Court and Charminar, Hotel Shadab is famous for its biryani, chai and yes the haleem too.

The haleem at Shadab was the best in terms of taste even beating Sarvi. It was hot, spicy, thick and filling. All this for Rs. 60, a good value for money. It could be the setting of the Old City also that added to the experience.

For me, Shadab tops the list of the must visit places for haleem in Hyderabad.

Recommendation: Must try. Better to go the place after 7:30 p.m.



  1. This year safeena bakery present pure ghee & best quality goat haleem at alijah kotla, near charminar, hyderabad from 1 ramzan please visit


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