Haleem At Hy-Line – Not Worth It

Hy-Line is small restaurant located in King Koti. As part of my plan to visit all the good haleem joints in Hyderabad, I along with Akhil had been to the restaurant a few days ago to taste the haleem.

The haleem was not tasty, very light (Lot of ghee being the culprit according to Akhil) and the quantity served was less compared to the other places I visited. For me it scored poorly in terms of taste, value for money and the experience. With the regular haleem priced at Rs. 60, I feel it is not worth it.

Next on my list will be Hotel Shah Ghouse near Pista House in Charminar and Café Bahar in Hyderguda. I have got very good reviews from my colleagues about the taste of haleem being better than that of Pista House. That will be another trip to the Old City.

Recommendation: Not worth it.



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