Haleem At Hy-Line – Not Worth It

Hy-Line is small restaurant located in King Koti. As part of my plan to visit all the good haleem joints in Hyderabad, I along with Akhil had been to the restaurant a few days ago to taste the haleem.

The haleem was not tasty, very light (Lot of ghee being the culprit according to Akhil) and the quantity served was less compared to the other places I visited. For me it scored poorly in terms of taste, value for money and the experience. With the regular haleem priced at Rs. 60, I feel it is not worth it.

Next on my list will be Hotel Shah Ghouse near Pista House in Charminar and Café Bahar in Hyderguda. I have got very good reviews from my colleagues about the taste of haleem being better than that of Pista House. That will be another trip to the Old City.

Recommendation: Not worth it.


Apple iPhone’s Pricing In India

I have been anxiously waiting for Vodafone to announce the pricing for   Apple’s iPhone 3G in India.  And the prices for the 8GB and 16GB models of Apple iPhone 3G were announced by Vodafone India today.

This is the message that I received from Vodafone iphone_indianas I had registered with them for more details on the iPhone and the offers.

Your wait is about to end! iPhone 3G arrives on August 22. 8GB model is for Rs. 31,000 and 16 GB for Rs. 36,100. To get your iPhone before others, visit one of the select Vodafone stores and confirm your booking by paying Rs. 10,000 on August 20 or 21. You’ll get an appointment to collect your iPhone after paying the balance amount. For list of the select Vodafone stores, go to www.vodafone.in/iPhone. Save this SMS—you need to show it at the Vodafone store.

The pricing is a bit high, considering the options and features that the iPhone comes with. Adopting a wait-and-watch approach should work fine. The prices are expected to come down after the initial euphoria settles down. On another note, a combination of Apple iPod (Nano / Touch) and a high-end mobile (from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or HTC) should cost less than the 8GB iPhone model. The pricing should be a big relief to the competition for Apple iPhone for some time in India.

India’s First Individual Olympic Gold Medal

Abhinav Bindra Wins Men's 10m Air Rifle Gold at Beijing 2008 Olympics

Abhinav Bindra Wins Men's 10m Air Rifle Gold at Beijing 2008 Olympics

Abhinav Bindra got India its first individual gold medal. Kudos Abhinav and well done. This is India’s fifth individual Olympic medal that it has won till date. Hockey, shooting, weight lifting and tennis are the only disciplines where India has won its 13 medals in the 104 year history of Olympics.

India had to wait for a century to lay hands on an individual gold medal. A nation of one billion people has till now been able to garner only nine gold medals at the Olympics. Eight of them coming from our national sport—Hockey. A game comfortably neglected. What else can one think about the state of the game with both the men’s and women’s hockey team failing to qualify for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The winners, medals and everything that is Olympics are remembered only when the next Olympic games start. How many of us remember or rather know that Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav, Leander Paes, Karnam Malleswari and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won individual medals for India at Olympics? How does it matter?

Much Needed Break

I do not like staying at home being sick but I actually did that. For three full days. Though not sick, a quick visit to the doctor confirmed that it was more to do with me not taking care of my body. With the kind of work I have at office and at home, there was hardly any time which I could devote to myself in the last few weeks. While the trip to Vijayawada did bring in some respite, the jam packed schedule and the travelling took its toll on my body.

It all started on Tuesday morning when waking up I found that I was feeling very tired. With the magazine sent for printing I decided to take an off. It was a welcome break and I spent the whole day just lazing around and sleeping. Waking up on Wednesday morning I still felt tired, more tired than the previous day. Again acting on my impulse decided that it was worth taking rest and also pay a visit to the doctor.

Spent around one hour at the doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn and in between reading the book Accidents Like love and marriage. The doctor examined and concluded that lack of rest was the culprit. Advised me to take another day off and rest. It was the hectic work and lack of rest that did not allow me turn up to work for three days. Having rested for three days I am feeling much better and will ensure that I do not tire myself.

Wonder why knowingly we do not give our bodies and mind the rest they deserve. And when they respond it is curtains down for everything else.