Apple iPhone’s Pricing In India

I have been anxiously waiting for Vodafone to announce the pricing for   Apple’s iPhone 3G in India.  And the prices for the 8GB and 16GB models of Apple iPhone 3G were announced by Vodafone India today.

This is the message that I received from Vodafone iphone_indianas I had registered with them for more details on the iPhone and the offers.

Your wait is about to end! iPhone 3G arrives on August 22. 8GB model is for Rs. 31,000 and 16 GB for Rs. 36,100. To get your iPhone before others, visit one of the select Vodafone stores and confirm your booking by paying Rs. 10,000 on August 20 or 21. You’ll get an appointment to collect your iPhone after paying the balance amount. For list of the select Vodafone stores, go to Save this SMS—you need to show it at the Vodafone store.

The pricing is a bit high, considering the options and features that the iPhone comes with. Adopting a wait-and-watch approach should work fine. The prices are expected to come down after the initial euphoria settles down. On another note, a combination of Apple iPod (Nano / Touch) and a high-end mobile (from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or HTC) should cost less than the 8GB iPhone model. The pricing should be a big relief to the competition for Apple iPhone for some time in India.


Booked An Apple iPhone 3G With Vodafone

Congratulations! You just booked your new iPhone with Vodafone. We will keep you updated on its price, features and availability in due course. Till then, if you have any further queries feel free to call us on 111(toll free) and we’ll be happy to help.

This was the message I received when I pre-registered with Vodafone for an Apple iPhone 3G. First impressions are the best impressions. That is what a Mac had on me the first time I saw it at our printers office. We have a few iMacs in our office and I use them quite often. This only intensified my urge to buy one for myself. But I couldn’t convince myself to dump my eight year old PC for an iMac considering its price.

Image: Courtesy of Apple

Then I had almost decided to buy an Apple iPod but stopped myself after coming to know that the Apple iPhone 3G will be soon available in India.  I currently use a Nokia 1108 mobile phone that I bought two years ago. Even with its limitations–limited memory, no radio, no music player– it has served me quite well all these days.

I always wanted to go for a phone that was sleek and light weight. iPhone 3G a sleek model with a depth of 12.3 mm and weight of 133 grams fits the bill perfectly for me. Have to see what kind of pricing Vodafone comes up with for the Apple iPhone 3G in India.

Apple iPhones will also be available with Bharti Airtel. Interested people can register their names with Airtel by sending an SMS with the keyword “iPhone” to 54321 (toll free).