5000 Hits

The first milestone for my blog! The blog has received more than 5000 hits. Though not an impressive figure, it still motivates me. There is something with the numbers which keeps people going after it. I am no exception to it.


Moksh – Worth A Visit

Moksh situated at Ranigunj besides Nissan Tapasvi showroom is managed by Biligiri group which also operates Hyderabad’s another famous vegetarian restaurant Utsav (Near Tivoli Cinema at parade grounds).

Moksh serves a limited fare that includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Accommodating around 100 people in the dining section, Moksh also has got a separate floor for small get-togethers and parties.

The dishes are priced a bit on the higher side compared to other restaurants. Moksh serves afternoon lunch buffets priced at a resonable Rs. 149/- plus taxes on weekdays and Rs. 229/- plus taxes on weekends which is quite easy on the purse. However, a meal for two ordering from the menu would cost close to Rs. 750.

The most enjoyable aspect at Moksh is the wonderful ambience that includes a wonderful view of Hussain Sagar, great food served quickly with some great music in the background by a polite and helpful staff– wonderful dining experience. All in all a must visit for people who want to spend some quality time with dear ones over some delicious food served quick and hot!

For a person like me who always wondered about why good food, great ambience and quick service do not go together, here was Moksh that left me with time to wonder about other things.

Blogging and Bloggers

Hope lot of us (that includes me) had this problem of getting on with a blog, post a few blogs and find ourselves finding hard to maintain some consistency blogging. Again get back by posting some good reasons for not blogging in the last few days. Well found this really interesting blog of Morris Chapman, who put up these often wanted but less found set of rules.

Rules For Blogging

Hmmmmm…Whatever For Just Another Weblog

Two years is really a long time to have so few posts in my blog. On the face of it i am really surprised given the numerous thoughts i have everyday they have not flown this far, something that goes by the name Bloggers Block at work. Coming to the point, i hope many of us really think if blogging is worth its salt.

For a moment if we think about it more than anything else it gives us a way to let the numerous thoughts out of our brains. Once that is done, it becomes much easier to understand what we have been thinking. The fast pace at which we all are leading our lives, we do need a medium to let our thoughts flow out.

More than worrying about if anyone would really give a damn about what we write or think, a powerful medium like this really helps us seriously ponder about the innumerable thoughts, feelings that pass through our inner self everyday and every moment. A more methodical and diligent plan could help many of us rethink about our thoughts and feelings about the many things in our lives.

And for all those who keep staying away from blogging because of reasons which they cannot understand read the 10 Tips to Handle Bloggers Block.