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Welcoming the New Year

2 Jan

It is almost a ritual for me every year to sleep while the world is awake welcoming the New Year. But not this time. After much cajoling and some serious threatening from my friends, I decided to spend the night at Ram’s place. And what fun it was. I spent the entire night playing games, eating good food and having lots of fun with my friends.

Wish and pray that the year 2011 brings in lots of fun and excitement in your lives.

Happy New Year.



10 May

A strongly contested game of Antakshari was all it took to add some excitement to an other wise normal day at work. It took some time for all of us to decide the team compositions. But better things were in store when someone suggested that a game between the guys and gals would be a good idea. And all of us okayed the this idea without any second thoughts. So it began with some terrific, old and new melodies from Telugu and Hindi movies to get all of us started. And boy it was a strongly contested game.

It also provided us with a chance to see how many singers were amongst us working silently. While and as usually it happens it started with only a few people from each side participating in the game. The backbenchers who remained silent for the initial few sessions started providing their inputs towards the end of the game. We did get to hear some gem-of-a-songs which we normally do not get to listen often. Surprising was the fact that there were hardly any songs from the recent movies. Rather it was the set of those old melodious songs sung by all of us with great gusto that charged up the atmosphere. People I thought forgot their worries as all of them were lost singing and listening to some really wonderful songs.

The kind of expressions, aggression, commitment, energy that was to be seen in many of us should have taken a lot of us by surprise. I am looking forward to the game of 20-20 cricket that we will be playing two days from now. This time it will be for the people (mostly guys) who will be able to display how they can impress others with their performance on the cricket ground.

Hope we have more fun at our workplace. Cheers to a great start.