Firefox 3 | Still ‘Coming Soon’

It is 11:15 PM (IST) and I am still waiting to download my favourite browser’s latest version to be part of a Guiness Record being attempted by the folks at Spreadfirefox. Although I have only one hour more to download Firefox 3 for some reasons mozilla, spreadfirefox and getfirefox sites aren’t responding.

But, I might have already used more or less the same version of Firefox 3 that will be available for download today. I found it fast, intuitive and better than the earlier versions. However, the version did not support a few add-ons and I promptly unistalled the version to get the official release.

Firefox 3 supposedly comes with 15,000 improvements and is expected to perform much faster than Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7. Started as a project to provide web users with an easy to use, light weight application that also conforms to web standards, Firefox has immensely grown in popularity. Firefox is available in 45 different languages is estimated to be used by more than 175 million users in 230 countries.



  1. Dude, you’ve got 23hrs.
    The record attempt includes downloads in the 24hr period from 10am PDT on June 17. It’s not about local time or date.


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